Designing Hope          
NODE17 Forum for Digital Arts

Creative Direction Main Symposium.
July 2017

Designing hope was the theme of NODE17 Forum for Digital Arts which took place in July 2017. It was the 5th edition of the Frankfurt based biannual design and technology festival, which I founded back in 2008. This year I focussed on the creative direction of the main symposium.

HOPE is nothing that we just wish to have.
HOPE is professionally designed.

Under this premise the main symposium on Designing Hope went into details and looked on the subject from different viewpoints. Therefore we framed hope as a design challenge because hope is something which can be designed.
Design is a plan to accomplish a particular purpose. Technology allows us to weave design into the fabric of everyday life.           Hope is a fundamental source of power.           Hope can be professionally created and destroyed.           And it is routinely being done by policy makers, politicians, terrorists, product designers, hackers, teachers, journalists, artists and parents.  

I designed the eventflow, formats and visuals in a participatory manner. With the help of mobile technologies, the audience could print their ideas  directly to the stage. The resulting collection of topics were used to bring together people to the tables of the nightly barcamp Dinner to open and deepen the thoughts.

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Symposium Credits
Curation: Sebastian Oschatz︎︎, Aline Franzke
Creative Direction: David Brüll
Moderation: Tim Heiler & Felix Guder
Barcamp Dinner: Laura Straßer & Mattia Risaliti
Photos: Sabine Reitmaier, Sebastian Kujas
Canvas Screens: David Brüll
Print Tool: Alexander Henker, Dennis Boleslawski
Festival Credits
Festival Direction: Johanna Wallenborn, Jeanne Charlotte Vogt; Festival Design: Woeishi Lean, Valerie Vogt

Studio David Brüll
Frankfurt / Berlin, Germany.