Lights of Babel             
Scenography and Stage Design

March 2014
Former Hypo Vereinsbank Tower, Frankfurt

I was asked to create the scenography for the 2014 edition of LICHTER Filmfestival Frankfurt International, which has been located inside a 60m hight glass covered atrium in an abandoned bank building in Frankfurt.

With the illumination of both sides of the atrium the scene underlined the impressive height of the space while frameing the festivals theme “Money”.  The 10 balconies were illuminated with 20 voxels each. The reflection of this massive Lichtorgel in the windows on the opposite side created the color frame for the 5 projection tiles for to display the festivals keyvisual and program.

Support: Björn Schwarzer, Thomas Eichhorn, Valerie Vogt
Photos: Laura Nickel

Studio David Brüll
Frankfurt / Berlin, Germany.