Solving the integration puzzle          
kinetic robot exhibit

Software Development and Producing
2012, Automatica, Munich

Together with MESO Digital Interiors I have been co-developing the concept and the realiziation of this robotic product presentation tool for ABB.

The ABB IRB 6640 robo acts as a smart character, who presents solutions for the diverse integration problems in the automation industry. Therefore it rotates its display cube and aligns it in all imaginable positions to the static cube, communicating that all solutions from ABB will fit in all possible combinations.

Materials: ABB IRB 6640, 10 square monitors, custom vvvv software, custom realtime robot motion library.
Client: ABB Automation GmbH
Contractor: MESO Digital Interiors, Frankfurt
Video: MESO Digital Interiors, Frankfurt


Studio Brüll
Berlin / Frankfurt